Hands- Las Señoras

I spent my Thanksgiving of 2015 in a New York City apartment with NYU medical students. In the morning we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving’s day parade in person—a dream of mine—especially given that watching the Thanksgiving football game always wins out in my home. I still dream of the velvety overly indulgent banana pudding we…Read more Hands- Las Señoras

Real Social Work- Lorena

My $100,000 diploma may read ‘social work’ but at Education and Hope I am not the social worker. Our social worker calls herself by many names; accountant, community member, cousin, sister, and friend. Her name is Lorena. I think of her as the lifeblood of the program. If the program were a body she would…Read more Real Social Work- Lorena

But You’re My People- Transition and Longing

Dear My People, You may or may not know who you are. For those who are reading this and are thinking O that’s me it’s because it is. I have expressed it in words, letters, time and warmth. For those of you who don’t know who you are it’s because our passing was one that…Read more But You’re My People- Transition and Longing