Apegarse En

¿Por qué apegarnos? Porqué es natural. Porqué fue la primera cosa que aprendemos a hacer cuando eramos bebés en un mundo nuevo. Eramos una parte de nuestras mamás, apegarnos a sus pechos que alimientaron nuestra necesidad de apego. Nos apegarnos a la supervivencia. Nos apegarnos para la comodidad. Nuestros deseos de estar cerca de otras…Read more Apegarse En

The Delicate Process of Replantation

Today I'll finally listen to my roots. Without hesitation. Without self imposed limits. I’ll notice these roots and their need to expand. I’ll delicately move them to a larger pot. I’ll feed the parts of me that were hungry. Give water to the sections that are dying of thirst. I’ll replant myself so that my…Read more The Delicate Process of Replantation

Blogger Recognition Award

Hey Everyone, I am very happy to announce that 'Paigezine' was nominated for its first Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you Fascinating World for nominating me. I love learning new and unusual things about nature through your writing. I myself an a lover of all things aquatic and found your post 'What An Artist!' fascinating. As a person…Read more Blogger Recognition Award