I’m Paige Elisabeth.

img_7563My original vision for this page was to have a space to document my yearlong journey in Xela Guatemala. Like myself, this space has adapted and changed since it was created. I anticipate that it will continue to change with time.

In June I graduated with my masters in social work. Before that I was a student at UC Santa Cruz. Before that I was a student in the California public school system. More simply: this is the first time in my 24 years where I have not been a student. For the first time in those 24 years I am without the security of a future plan.

This blog is a place for me to explore my thoughts and feelings during this transitional time. For me, this blog is an experiment. Some of the variable in this experiment include my hopes, inspirations, and fears. This is a space to see what happens when we mix these different ingredients together. This blog will be a place for me to celebrate the successes and disastrous failures of this social experiment.

I hope this page inspires others to be real about where we are- personally, familially and communally. I will share my inspirations but I am not going to sugarcoating things. Be prepared now that some ingredients in this experiment will not always be clean cut and pretty. At times these different variables may be raw. But each variable will be handled with love and respect. I am excited to see what results are produced from this experiment.

Follow me in this experiment as I go from the world of academia to the world of travel and the unknown.

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