I see Guatemala as a woman

Her eyes a glazy blue cataracts
A milky way reflecting the stars which once led her people
Behind those eyes wisdom that dates back further then Christ himself
They hold a sadness
They emit passion and strength

She is a keeper of secrets
Behind her lips and in here mountains there is silence
As the wind blows through her trees they cross over the bones
The bones of those who have returned to their mother
Those yet to be found
She guards the memories of these awful days deep down in her core
Under her roots
In her soil

The wrinkles of her skin resemble cracked leather
These lines run as deep and profound as her rivers
She has
Working hands
Calloused feet
Smile and frown lines etched into her cheeks
A furrowed brow
Her smile is warm

Her tired legs continue to carry her
Her children son luchadores
They fight for her
She fights for her own survival
They resist together

I spent my final 2 and a half months in Central America exploring, playing and reflecting. I wanted to experience everything that Guatemala had to offer. I was sucked in. I still am. By the painful history of colonialism, war, corruption and continued poverty. By the magnetic communities that continue to fight, care and work. I was inspired then. I am inspired now.

I wrote this piece while reflecting on what Guatemala looked like to me. It is hard to describe the beauty without recognizing the pain. Without prescribing some of that beauty as a direct result of the pain. That’s why I thought of this place as a woman. Because it was the women in my community who have shown me strength that blossoms from hardship. For me their strength embodied the spirit of Guatemala. I hope to show the same amount of persistence in my journey as this little country. I hope to be a woman that exudes the same type of spirit as Guatemala.

My mother and grandmother have guided me through their strength and love. In a similar way Guatemala has guided me. Through tough love. In forgiveness and strength. By displaying growth in the face of hardship. I felt cared for. Held. Just like the women in my life here in California who say “we are here for you but now you have to do it on your own’. Guatemala has said the same thing. I have grown and now it is time to remember her lessons and her love. I’m not here to do it alone but I have left my mothers’ homes. Now I go onto my next adventure always with the reminder of my mothers’ love.

photo credit: http://www.lifeofpix.com/photographers/leeroy/

5 thoughts on “I See Guatemala as a Woman

  1. Thanks baby girl for the kind words. We are so proud of you! Making your way into adulthood is not always easy but you are doing it with grace. Your like a butterfly starting to fly and I love watching you ( and laughing with you ). Love you always, Mom


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