I wanna be like you Silvia.

I want to live with the same amount of inhabitation as you while you sing—in the shower, in the kitchen, in the living room or well… anywhere in the house. I aspire to live with the same amount of passion in my life as you carry in every note you sing. If only I could give into something so fearlessly. I would be a changed woman. I wanna be like you because you inspire me to live with more intuition and less fear.

I wanna be like you Brenda.

I wish to one day possess the same amount of enthusiasm about all the things I do in life. I am inspired by the way in which you talk about your past and future. The way in which your eyes come to life when you mention Cuba. How your interest is peeked by just the mention of future travels, near and far. I want to move into my career as a social worker with the same enthusiasm you have as a graphic designer. Always wanting to better your skills. Looking for opportunities to grow. I want to be like you because I too want others to see love in my eyes.

I wanna be like you Gabby.

I want to go through life emitting the same light as you. I want to laugh like you. I want a smile that is as infectious as yours. To walk with as much confidence and self-awareness as you. You are put together and strong. Whenever we would run into each other in the street I remember thinking, “wow, she walks through the world so beautifully”. Head held high. Confident in her direction and way in which she moves. I wanna be like you because I too want to walk in the same way.

I wanna be like you Marcela.

To one day be a mother who gives wholeheartedly into my girl’s dreams. To selflessly give my whole person into loving my daughters in the same way you do yours. With a whole heart and pure intentions, knowing that their different paths are unique—even if that looks different then the steps I took. To know that there choose to conduct their lives in a different way is a sign of growth and strength.

To be a mother that does everything in my power to better my daughters through bettering myself. I aspire to rear children that are to the same caliber as your. To raise badass women who are not only independent thinking but also kind-hearted people. I hope you know that I believe they take after their mother. I have felt what it’s been like to be cared for by you. To be your daughter as well. I wanna be like you because I strive to be as strong as you are.

I wanna be like all of you.

I want to stay up giggling. I want to fight sleeping because I would give anything for one more minute together. I want to stay up late at night in the middle of a power outage chatting it up in the kitchen over candlelight. Each student that came through your home would tell me how special you all were. How your relationship to one another and love was clear to students staying for 2 months or 1 week. How your house was so unique because of the beautiful souls that inhabit it. I want to be like all of you because I one day want all who enter my house to feel at home.





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