Dear You,

Let’s live for today because we aren’t worried about the unknowns of tomorrow. You will come to find out that this is not always easy for me. I won’t have to tell you, you’ll just know. In the silence. In the way my eyes wonder into a glassy existence. You will also see those eyes come back to life con más fuerza, with more strength. In those moments you will experience the push and pull as I battle my wild things. So let’s live for today still knowing that I may worry about tomorrow.

Let’s communicate in new and unexpected ways. Words will not suffice. Vulnerability will be the norm. We will communicate in body language, in eye contact, in shoulder shrugs and in hair flips. The silence will say more than any words ever could. Words will solely be a beautiful—yet unfulfilling testament—to what it feels like to be alive together. So let’s converse because we love the voice of the other.

Let’s be weirdly, imaginatively and wholly ourselves. Living completely together and separate lives. Like a figure eight our lives will come in and out. At times converging. In other moments recognizing the healthy space needed before the lines intersect yet again. In those points of conversion we will discover more about ourselves. Our dreams. We will acknowledge the passion that comes from being fully immersed in following our own paths. Having those dreams actualized through the support of the other. So let’s fall together— more in love with ourselves because of whom we are as an us.

Let’s keep things sexy. We will both melt into one another. My eyes will close simply from the graze of our fingers. You will experience my dog like joy as you rub my temples. You will come to know my triggers and my insecurities. Yet there will be beauty in holding that with me. You will ask me how I am and I will do the same. We will recognize and care about small changes within one another. Discovering. Asking. Caring. More and more as we become more enamored with the beauty and complexities of our bodies and our lives. So let’s be intimate— holding each other with our arms, with our bodies and with our hearts.

Let’s not be afraid to say good-bye, knowing that circumstance and life can sometimes be complicated. Let’s love as if we too were living the private lives of the hostages in Bel Canto because “Maybe the private life wasn’t forever. Maybe everyone got it for a little while and then spent the rest of their life remembering.” Let’s live wholeheartedly as if this private life is our forever, accepting that maybe forever may not work for us.

Whoever you are. I can’t wait to meet you.


Paige Elisabeth

P.S. In the meantime I will be loving myself with as much care as you will one day.

photo credit: Cathal Mach an Bheatha

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