April 14th, 2017

Hey Familiar Friend,

I am writing this letter because I want to remember this feeling. The Fearlessness. The Love. The feeling attached to knowing that you are exactly where you need to be. A place where tears come as a result of happiness and disbelief that life could feel so warm. So bright. So lovely.

My wish for you. To continue to follow your heart, even in moments when it aches. To pursue a meaningful future, even when that future entails walking into the grey. To live in the moment, knowing that this is all we have. To stand solid in your worthiness, knowing that parts of you feel fragile. To persist fearlessly with the knowledge that your worthiness is weighed not by what others think about you but what you believe about yourself. To love yourself more and more with each passing second. To continue to grow in knowledge, strength and love with each passing moment.

I hope that with each rotation around the sun you marvel in the beauty of that journey. I know it’s not always easy for you to effortlessly move through the earth like the sun and the stars. To move with the same rhythmic flow and grace. Usually adjectives such a little clumsy or slightly messy are more fitting. But I believe it’s those little corks that make those moments of grace and uninhibited laughter more beautiful. More freeing. More you.

Most importantly in this upcoming year I hope that you can continue to pursue relationships with the same passion and love. Full throttle. With a full heart. I want to celebrate the fact that you continue to take the initial steps towards a somewhat scary and unknown outcome. This is a victory within itself. Success come not from reaching an intended outcome but from each tiny step that leads to that unknown milestone. So bask in the glory of today knowing that you have taken many big and little steps during your 24th year on earth. Cheers to 25!


Paige Elisabeth

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