Have you ever met someone and just fallen in love with their spirit. I had this experience once with a women selling jewelry on a sidewalk in Santa Fe. She was an artisan. I remember that she had beautiful hands. Rough from working with metal and stone. Wrinkled from the sun and time. I was drawn to her. I ended up buying my favorite pair of turquoise earrings from her. She proceeded to tell me how her mother had held onto this one piece of precious stone for years. How it made a single earring. She had discovered the perfect shade of turquoise and crafted a matching set. The two made the pair that I was now in love with. Her mother had passed by the time I found my way to her. Knowing this story made me even more enamored. I sat on the sidewalk mulling over the decision for a long while but in all honestly I knew I was going to buy them. I just wanted to opportunity to be close to her. To hear the stories she wanted to share. To selfishly bask in the goodness of that feeling. I can hardly remember what her face looked like but I remember the feeling I had when I was around her.

I recently had a similar experience with a fellow traveler. Our time together was short but significant. One picturesque night I talked to a friend about this experience over a glass of wine and a view of the city. Wrapped in our wool blankets overlooking the city we discussed Xela—and so much more. I brought up my brief encounter with this fellow traveler and how much it meant to me. How this relationship came at the most inopportune and perfect time. And her response resonated so deeply inside me. She said “and a part of you will probably always love this person”. These words jolted me. I know I use the word love loosely but this was a whole new interpretation. Could I really love someone I didn’t even know. What would that mean if I were to love someone I hardly knew.

I’ve been thinking about these words for weeks now and with each time I begin to think that they are more and more profound. What if it is these brief encounters that make some of the most profound impacts in our lives. That 30-minute conversation on the bus. The time you spent talking with the jewelry vender on the street. The 10 days you had with a fellow traveler. Maybe it’s these people who are the loves of our lives. The ones that make us appreciate the relationships we do have. Help us to strive for deeper and more lasting connection in this current moment.

Photo Credit: Moricore

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