Dear Rejected Girl,

Thank you for showing the world the beauty that comes from taking risks. Being exposed. Being human. Being unafraid to love.

To the girl who was told she was too much. Your passion. Your ability to love deeply. Your excitement about the relationship that may have caused this pain. Your longing to love others. These are all beautiful things. Please. Continue to love with a fiery passion. If it feels scary to move forward in the world with the same fire please remember.

You are healing.

I’m sorry if your openness was not reciprocated. I stand with you in your pain. I too wake up at 1 am with the visceral images and emotional memory of that rejection. The bodily sensations that accompany those thoughts wash over me like a powerful wave. Goosebumps cover my body. My eyes feel hallow as my brain processes those painful memories. Please accept these feelings as a part of the process. Because this is a process.

You are healing.

You are allowed to deal in any way you need to. Tinder or tears. One-night stands or solitude. Through leaving town for a few days or a few years. By running away. By running towards. Damn anyone who tells you how to heal your tender and beautiful soul. Please remember that this is your process. Not your mamas. Not your best friends. This painful process is yours. Own that. And to those people in her life please remember.

She is healing.

Now I’m going to go a bit off topic, but I promise this will make sense in a minute. Like any good millennial I absolutely love a good 90’s romcom. Cheesy light hearty romantism oozes from the screen creating the perfect balance of laughter and tears. Yet, as I grow older I have struggled with one aspect. And that is that the women in these movies are often missing ‘something’ and that ‘something’ is usually Freddie Prince Jr. In the case of my favorite romcom Notting Hill that missing piece is Hugh Grant. So for the sake of romcoms I am going to do something a bit cheesy. I’m going to quote one of my favorite lines from Notting Hill. But this time I am going to change it up a bit. I hope this is what you needed to hear. Please remember that you do not need to find a sense of belonging from a Freddie or a Hugh.

So please remember in the twisted, and made up, words of my favorite actress Julia Roberts.

And don’t forget… I’m also just a girl, standing in front of herself, asking her to love the person who she is.

*rhythmically walks towards the shop door, says “shut the door behind me” and leaves in pursuit of her own healing


And to the person who rejected her,

All I can say is that she is a stronger version of her.

One thought on “A Letter to the Rejected Girl, and to the Person Who Rejected Her

  1. Dearest Paige,
    As always Paige your writing comes from your heart. A place of truth. A place only your heart can know. You are beautiful and free. I am proud to know your soul. I will always love you. Your amazing.
    Love Aunt Mel.


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