My Dearest Soulmates,

When I told you that I felt the need to guard myself emotionally you told me that my openness to love is a lovely quality. You are the one who truly sees me. You accept me in my many forms. Paige Elisabeth. Poor Pitiful Paige. Pagina. A Social Workers. A Friend. A Sister. A person striving to love more deeply. An exposed human.

To the tribe. To the badass women who have shown me what freedom fighting truly looks like. Your love is radical. Your existence is radical. You have showed me that collectively we have a voice. That voice is powerful. You have and continue to teach me through words and actions what love is. Love is healing.

Mi mejor amigas. You have showed me that I am deserving of lifelong friendships. I am worthy of forgiveness. That I am worth of investing in. That our friendship has value. You want to grow together. You help me to grow. You have seen me in my larva, caterpillar and chrysalis stage. You watched me as I flew away to Guatemala. You continue to ask and care about my butterfly development. You ask me about my wings and how they are shaping up. Thank you for helping me form those wings. You have shown me that flight is possible.

image003To the women who raised me. You build this foundation. It is you who told me that my house was strong and powerful. You painted the walls white so that I could scribble on them with my different
coloring crayons. These crayons come in many different shades: fierce fighter red and magnificent mauve. The best part of this Crayola set is that we were the designers and manufacturers. The unique colors, their names and their meanings all constructed by the three of us.
filename-1-1I felt confident going into the world with my handcrafted tools because of you. You instilled in me the confidence to design my own crayons. The passion to imagine new colors. The ability to heal when I accidentally break one in half. You provide an endless supply of love that is put into every new thing I create.

To the women in my life. You taught me that I am worthy of unconditional love. You have showed me that unconditional love exists. That I am deserving of that type of love. I continually ask myself what I ever did to deserve you. I guess the answer is that deservedness is never a quality of true love. It just is.

To the women in my life. You are my soulmates.



7 thoughts on “A Letter to My Soulmates

  1. Once again my Paige Elizabeth touched my insides to evoke a phyclsical emotional connection “to tears” as they say! Honoring your bright, strong, capable and amazing human being of a mother takes it to another level. Thankfulness exists at the top of every worthy endeavor. Add to that the incredible love and support from Nana and all the tremendous souls surrounding you on this journey makes for a beautiful life! Damn glad you came little one!

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  2. I can already see you metamorphosizing from a butterfly to an eagle soaring high, Paige. Your writing’s inspirational and you’re a blessing to those around you. We’re so lucky to have you. *warm hugz*

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