via Daily Prompt: Filter


The limp piece of paper that lays in the back of a coffee maker saturated in a mix of coffee beans and water.

The colorful tint you add to your Instagram photo that you proudly declare was unused but never give proper credit to when applied.

The slimy green film you clean from your beloved fish tank you bought after watching Finding Nemo.

The oil soaked circular accordion folded device that sit in the center of the engine to your 69′ Pontiac Lemans

The water filtration system that traps amoebas, parasites, hongos and other foreign creatures that would love to make my stomach lining their home.

The thing that keeps my dirt tucked away in the back of my throat and refines my words. The dial inside my mouth that I delicately crank up or turn down depending on the time, place, situation.

I can appreciate this filter for its cleansing properties but I also despise it when what needs to be said is not hygienic.

photo credit: Andrew Welch





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