What should my first blog post be about? How do I even start this blogging thing? What should my ‘focus’ be? Will my writing be interesting/creative/funny enough for people to be entertained? Who is going to read this?

I created my blog page a month ago but it wasn’t until now that I decided to take the plunge and just start writing. I had so many questions. Correction, I still have a ton of questions about how to create a successful blog. So naturally I took to google to start gathering ideas/inspirations about blogging. Three days ago I stumbled upon Her Packing List. The light bulb went off. Aha! I will write my first post about packing my bags for a year. I was going to have beautiful pictures of all my stuff laid out like Brooke:


In my mind I was going to have beautiful pictures and full descriptions of what I brought along with the links to where you can find my newest items I got for my trip. I also imagined myself with a whole advice sections that outlined all the things I learned about packing for a year. I thought if Brooke can pack all of her stuff for three weeks in a 12L handbag weighting 8.2 pounds I too could pack all my things in a single suitcase. Then I could take another beautiful picture of my finished product: myself looking gorgeous in the airport with my single suitcase and my backpack. I imaged myself looking as flawless as Laura from A Little Bit of Lacquer (o and in my fantasy land my suitcase magically shrunk so I looked as put together and cute as this) :

a little bit of lacquer

Then I actually started packing and I was hit across the face by the reality fairy. That beautiful picture of all my things laid with a description of my items was not going to happen. I don’t have the time, energy or experience to do a packing blog (at this moment maybe in the future). First of all I had way too much stuff to list everything. Secondly, where did all this shit come from? Seriously, the stuff just kept coming and coming. And to top it all off there was a laundry load that I forgot to pack. I learned a lot about packing from friends, blogs and other travelers but I didn’t exactly know what I was doing. So I decided to focus on what I could control and  to take the advice I had heard from others. The one piece of resounding advice was PACK LIGHT! So that’s what I decided to focus on packing light and packing efficiently. At the end of my packing I had a hiking backpack, a suitcase (at exactly 50.0 pounds) and a carry on backpack. Not exactly packing light but for a year I think it’s pretty good.Ok, so the packing blog was a not going to work. Now onto the next blog idea, the cute picture at the airport.

I thought well at least I can salvage this first blog by taking a cute bon voyage picture at SFO! Yes, I can take the cutest airport picture showing all my friends and family just how well put together and prepared I am for this year long trip. Well, that picture didn’t happen either. Instead I found myself crying my eyes outside the Aeromexico terminal. And to top it off the car behind me is staring as I cry my eyes out. Well maybe they were staring because James’ took his shirt off to give to me for the trip… It sounds a little sexier then it actually was, he had a tank top on. Sorry SFO Airport no shirtless James’ today (even thought I can tell you from experience that would be a treat).

Instead this is the packing picture that I ended up with:


When planning my first blog post I wanted to look as organized as Brooke and as cute as Laura. After finishing packing and preparing for my first long international trip I learned a lot about how I want to write about my experience. I want to be authentic to my experience. I want to be real and honest with myself and with you all. I don’t want to make my trip/life look put together and easy if it doesn’t feel that way. I find this picture of myself looking like a bag lady hilarious and I really like it. I may not have been able to pack all my belongings for an entire year into a backpack but I am proud of myself. My luggage was not overweight. My bags are well organized (well one of them is). And I tried my best to pack light and to be practical. When creating this blog I was nervous to begin because I felt like I needed to be a super blogger right out of the gate. But as you can tell from my packing picture I am going to share my experience even if it’s a little messy. Thank you for reading this first blog post. I am excited for you to explore this new world with me and I can’t wait to share my next year with you.

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